Genova Data Internet eXchange

Ge-DIX Services

Ge-DIX is offering the following services.

Public Peering
Ge-DIX provides switching platform that enables members to connect their border routers and establish IPv4 and IPv6 peering relationships by means of BGPv4 protocol.

Supported interfaces are:

Sites available are Liguria Digitale (at WTC building) and Sparkle Lagaccio (coming soon).
Ge-DIX provides route servers (initially Bird, soon also OpenBGPd).
Platform is prices available on the dedicated page.

Virtual Private Connection
On same Peering ports members can have Virtual Private links to implement private connectivity.

Neutral colocation
The Colocation service is addressed to all IXP members that need housing space for their devices in one of the data centers where Ge-DIX is present; shared cabling facilities are provided, in order to set up physical interconnections towards other Ge-DIX services or to provide connectivity to other IXP members that are hosted inside the Ge-DIX facilities.
Prices are available after sending a quote request to

Private Network Interconnects
Datacenters (actually only Liguria Digitale) are provided with a distributed PNI infrastructure that enables any two racks in the datacenters to connect each other in fiber technology.
In order to activate new cross-connections to other racks, each newly installed rack has to be connected to the nearest rack terminal by means of structured (MPO) cabling that includes an optical trunk terminating on a demarcation patch-panel. All cross-connects will then be deployed inside the PNI infrastructure, as fiber patches between demarcation patch-panels.
Prices are available after sending a quote request to