Genova Data Internet eXchange

Ge-DIX Consortium

Ge-DIX is the new born Internet Exchange that will operate in Genoa and managed by a Consortium that has the following founding members: Comune di Genova, Liguria Digitale, BBBell, Fastweb, Retelit, Rocket Way, TOP-IX.
The Consortium is open to other players that will need Interconnection Services provided by Ge-DIX.
The venture has been supported by Genoa Municipality through Ambassadors of Genoa in the World who grabbed some very recent important trends.
First, Genoa (and Liguria Region) has been chosen as lending places of new communications submarine cables that are the key component to transport data at global scale. Actually 2Africa and Blue Raman are under provisioning to land in Genoa. Also the India Europe Xpress (IEX) will soon arrive in Savona. Other submarine platforms are expected. The opportunity to intercept the huge amounts of data transported by these infrastructures would allow Genoa to join other Mediterranean cities (such as Marseille and Barcelona) as a digital hub.
Moreover, actual digital trends suggest application and services that require low network latency to provide the better user experience: considering the physical limits of a transmission on optical media, a more capillary interconnection is needed between those who provide the services and those who connect the end users.
Finally, Internet Exchanges, while being increasingly involved in traditional Internet traffic exchange (for example live sport events broadcasted on the Internet) are turning into advances Interconnection systems that allow, with a single access, the opportunity to interconnect in a safe and efficient way to different services provided by Edge/Cloud Providers. With that, the extended name of Data Internet Exchange.

Ge-DIX Joining Procedure

Read the Ge-DIX By-Laws document in its entirety, together with the current services and fees definition.

Send an application letter to Ge-DIX Board of Directors at email
The membership application is submitted to the upcoming Board of Directors (after verification of the requirements).
The Board of Directors resolves and gives formal notice to the applicant either in the event of a positive or negative result; In case of success the Board of Directors gives formal notice via registered mail to the applicant, asking at the same time the payment of the Joining Fees. Joining Fees (once only) are defined as a multiple of the JFU (Joining Fee Unit = 1.500€). Particularly Joining Fees = N x JFU where N < NMAX. NMAX is the maximum number of shares of representation, actually NMAX = 25.
On notification the applicant can now define the purpose of its membership. All the members have to pay an Annual Membership Fee (1.000€).

To exchange traffic the applicant must have an Autonomous System an can interconnect its network to GeDIX fabric in accordance on what is expressed in the By-Laws and Technical Specifications (See page Services).

Procedura di adesione al Ge-DIX

Leggere lo Statuto in ogni sua parte, insieme alla relativa definizione delle quote consortili attualmente in vigore.
Inviare una lettera di richiesta di adesione indirizzata al Consiglio Direttivo alla mail
Le richieste di adesione vengono sottoposte all’approvazione del Consiglio Direttivo (previa verifica dei requisiti dell’azienda).
Il Consiglio Direttivo delibera e dà comunicazione formale al soggetto richiedente sia in caso di esito positivo sia in caso di esito negativo; Nel caso di esito positivo il Consiglio Direttivo dà comunicazione formale via raccomandata al soggetto richiedente dell’avvenuta delibera, richiedendo contestualmente il versamento delle Joining Fees. Le Joining Fees (una tantum) sono definite come multipla della JFU (Joining Fee Unit = 1.500€). Nello specifico, Joining Fees = N x JFU where N < NMAX. NMAX è il numero massimo di quote di rappresentanza, attualmente NMAX = 25.
Ricevuta notifica dell’avvenuto bonifico e controllato l’effettivo accredito dell’importo, l’azienda richiedente il consorziamento acquisisce lo stato di Membro del Consorzio. Tutti i consorziati sono tenuti a pagare una Membership Fee annuale (1.000 €).
Per scambiare traffico il richiedente deve avere un proprio Autonomous System e può interconnettere la propria rete all’infrastruttura gestita da Ge-DIX secondo modalità che sono definite nello Statuto e ulteriori specifiche tecniche (TBD).
Service Fees

The Peering service consists of an access port (capacity of 10 Gbps or 100 Gbps) and a maximum bandwidth for exchanged traffic.